Mirrindel Show Horses, Danielle Cotton

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Mirrindel Show Horses embarked on its journey over 26 years ago, driven by a visionary pursuit to craft the epitome of a miniature Arabian-type horse. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Mirrindel meticulously selects standout horses for their breeding program, resulting in the development of some of the most accomplished equines in the Small Equine industry today. 

In an unwavering pursuit of perfection, Mirrindel continues to refine the image of the ideal Small Horse, consistently exploring innovative approaches to infuse the optimal type and bloodlines. 

As show trainers for our esteemed clients, we uphold an uncompromising standard of excellence, ensuring top-tier presentation and showcasing abilities. 

This season stands as a testament to Mirrindel's triumphs, clinching an impressive 14 supreme championships across 5 shows. Looking back on the previous season, we proudly secured 28 supreme awards, attesting to our enduring commitment to excellence throughout the equestrian calendar. 

EquinePure Pine Pellets

EquinePure Pelleted horse stable bedding pellets are free of chemicals, pesticides, contaminents and recycled material of any kind. Free of stones, dirt, metal and insects. No oils, fragrances, herbs or any other substance present that may cause a positive swab.

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EquinePure Pellets are a 100% Australian owned and operated product and brand new on the market. It has been launched after a long and extensive manufacturing and field-testing process under different Australian conditions and with different types of horses of all ages. We are proud of our pellets and appreciate the opportunity to provide you with the absolute best in pine stable bedding.