FAQ about EquinePure Pine Bedding Pellets.

Expanding the Horse Bedding PelletsDo you use recycled wood?

Our pellets are made from fresh cut pine. As soon as you open the bag you will smell the fresh scent of new pine. We do not use recycled anything.

Does it stain white markings?

Absolutely not. The reason other pellets stain is because they contain tar and other impurities. You will find that some horse bedding pellets are just heating pellets. which contain things that make them burn hotter, and those same things make the pellet darker and sticky. This type of pellets will pack down and go hard. EquinePure Pellets are not heting pelets so do not need to conain those things. There is no tar that can stain white fur/tails and our manufacturing process ensures our pellets are perfectly suited to horses. Your white or chromed horse will remain completely white on our bedding so let them roll to their hearts' content.

Can I use EquinePure for foals and weanlings?

Of course. Horses of all ages and breeds can be stabled on EquinePure.

How often do I need to replace the bedding?

This depends on your horse. Box walkers, weavers and horses that walk around pooing everywhere tend to wear out the bedding faster than a horse who is content in the stable. Same as with any bedding, nervous/active horses always require more box changes than less-active ones. Under similar circumstances, EquinePure will always last longer than sawdust.

Do I have to water the pellets?

You will need to water it in the bag when you first use the pellets. EquinePure is incredibly absorbent. It absorbs moisture at a very fast rate so you will need to sprinkle it with water occasionally to reactivate/reset it.  If you live in a dry environment you will need to lightly water the bedding with a watering can weekly to reactivate it. It all depends on your individual situation as all horses and environments are different. Usually no more than a litre of water is all you need to use to reset the bedding.

How long do the pellets last in the bag?

Indefinitely if kept dry.

How much does each bag weigh?

15kg. There is one tonne per pallet (66 bags).

Is EquinePure cheaper than sawdust?

We don't know what you pay for your sawdust but factor in the time to fill and muck a box, the reduction in time alone creates a big improvement over sawdust. You do not have the problem of mould, insects, bacteria and wood shards that you have to sift through when you get a new truckload of sawdust. EquinePure is in sealed bags and does not get wet, so there's zero waste. Our bags don't blow away in the wind either. After it's finished you can put it in your flower garden.

I use bagged shavings. Why should I switch to EquinePure Pellets?

EquinePure Pellets contain more bedding per bag than shavings by weight - they quadruple their size when activated with water. Plus, they take up half the space in storage that shavings do. One bag of EquinePure bedding will last longer than one bag of shavings, so there's that as well. Another important thing to know is that EquinePure bedding is far more absorbent and dense than bagged shavings, meaning more economical for you.

Will horses try to eat the bedding?

If they won't eat sawdust, they won't eat EquinePure. Some horses may try but they will find it not at all palatable. There are no pellets present in activated EquinePure bedding, just a nice, dry bed of soft pine. If there are any pellets left in the bedding after watering you have not left it to expand long enough, have not use adequate water, or maybe the water was too cold, too - which means the pellets will take longer to expand.

How are EquinePure Pellets better for my horse?

EquinePure Pellets contain no sticky dust, which is what inflames and causes problems for the airways of stabled horses. Also, since it absorbs and locks away urine, it does not ammoniate as fast. The surface stays dry, while the urine is pulled into the bottom of the bedding. Manure becomes completely coated with EquinePure and is easy to remove from the bedding. This is important for horses with loose manure or horses that walk the box.

It does not compact into hooves and under shoes because it does not contain tar.

Can I use EquinePure Pellets in my float/truck?

Yes! One bag of EquinePure Pellets in your float or truck will ensure your horses have a smooth journey, insulated from virbration, with no leg spashback from urine. It's easy to store, use and sweep out.

Can I use EquinePure Pellets with sawdust?

We don't recommend it as the sawdust will interfere with the dust-free and absorbent properties of the EquinePure Pellets.

What can I do with the used EquinePure Bedding?

You can spread it around in your day yards to create a soft, bright and absorbent surface and in outdoor areas to improve trampled areas or as wood mulch. The rain will wash it and help it to incorporate back into the earth. It will not float around in the rain and cause the sticky and poisonous problems sawdust waste does. You can also use it as a soil improver. It will raise the acidity of soil as well as help to retain moisture in poor soils. Spread it around your flowering plants or use it as a mulch for trees. But don't use it in your veggie garden because although the pellets are non-toxic out of the bag, your horse's waste may not be and your veggies may absorb unsafe chemicals from the manure.

Is EquinePure Australian?

Yes. We are a 100% Australian owned and operated company with all our operations in Australia. Our raw product is from Australian sustainable pine plantations.

If you have any more questions, please give us a call! We are horse people too.EquinePure Pellets Bags

EquinePure Pine Pellets

EquinePure Pelleted horse stable bedding pellets are free of chemicals, pesticides, contaminents and recycled material of any kind. Free of stones, dirt, metal and insects. No oils, fragrances, herbs or any other substance present that may cause a positive swab.

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EquinePure Pellets are a 100% Australian owned and operated product and brand new on the market. It has been launched after a long and extensive manufacturing and field-testing process under different Australian conditions and with different types of horses of all ages. We are proud of our pellets and appreciate the opportunity to provide you with the absolute best in pine stable bedding.