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The benefits of EquinePure Pine Pellets

There are many brands of pelleted horse bedding on the market today. And it is a great thing to see that people are being environmentally conscious and reusing timber material that would otherwise be wasted and end up in landfill. But when it comes to superior performance, EquinePure Pellets are in a league of their own.

EquinePure Pellets are created from virgin pine.
Some manufacturers use old recycled timber which has been previously used. These may contain bits of metal, lead, sealant and other invisible contaminants you do not want in your horse bedding. If your current bedding doesn't have that fresh, new pine smell, it's used pine.

EquinePure Pellets are bark-free.
Raw pine that goes into other pellets contain bark, which contains a high level of resin and tar. Tar is water resistant, hard, dark and sticky. This water resistance is not a good thing for horse bedding because excess waste, instead of being 100% soaked up by the bedding, travels beneath the water-resistant bedding and sits there where is ammoniates. EquinePure bedding absorbs 100% of your horse's urine and holds onto it, making it easier for you to muck out.

EquinePure Pellets are not heating pellets.
Other pellet products being sold as horse bedding are also sold as heating products. We know the difference, do you? Heating pellets require a high resin content for a hotter, longer burn. These pellets may also contain other hardwoods for longer burning time. This same resin content and hardwood content resists moisture and hardens horse bedding, resulting in heavier bedding and a shorter useful life before it ammoniates. EquinePure pellets are specifically manufactured for horse bedding and do not burn hot or long enough to make a good heater pellet.

EquinePure Pellets are dust-free.
Our heart of pine raw material is thoroughly twice dust filtered at the beginning of the pellet-making process.

EquinePure Pellets re-activate and fluff up with water.
If the bedding is left for a long time or becomes too dry for your liking, a light water with a watering can will reactivate it and fluff it back up to your requirements. Instead of getting heavier like ordinary sawdust or other pellet products, the bedding will actually become fluffier.

But don't take our word for it. If you would like to try EquinePure Pellets out, Contact us and ask us to send you a sample. Then you can see for yourself how well EquinePure Pellets work and decide if they are the right fit for you and your horses.

We compared EquinePure Pellets to the competition.

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Would you like to see for yourself? Contact us and ask for a sample.

EquinePure Pine Pellets

EquinePure Pelleted horse stable bedding pellets are free of chemicals, pesticides, contaminents and recycled material of any kind. Free of stones, dirt, metal and insects. No oils, fragrances, herbs or any other substance present that may cause a positive swab.

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EquinePure Pellets are a 100% Australian owned and operated product and brand new on the market. It has been launched after a long and extensive manufacturing and field-testing process under different Australian conditions and with different types of horses of all ages. We are proud of our pellets and appreciate the opportunity to provide you with the absolute best in pine stable bedding.